Break the rules day!

Pupils have had a fab day breaking rules in school. Lots of children refused to come in at the end of play and stayed out for an extra 15 minutes. Hardly anyone has worn their uniform… and one or two pupils have been spotted using a calculator in maths lessons! Thanks for all of the donations 👍🏻FD8F02DD-C620-43A2-8AAF-FAB78D62F06E

Fab time at Walker Activity Dome

Year 4 had an amazing time at Walker Activity Dome taking part in a great round robin of sports. Pupils were able to take part in dodgeball, benchball, handball and kabaddi. Pupils demonstrated excellent behaviour and teamwork and were a real credit to the school.

Awesome Art!

Year 4 have studied shoes and their changing designs through the decades. Pupils then created their own shoe design. They had to make their shoe stand out from the crowd either by clever use of colour or by altering the shape. Check out some of the fantastic work pupils produced in the gallery below.

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25-29th March… HAWKHIRST

We have had a fabulous time at Hawkhirst outdoor activity centre. The children have behaved impeccably and it has been lovely to watch them bond as they have faced challenges together. The staff at Hawkhirst have been brilliant, supporting children where needed, but constantly pushing them to achieve what they think is impossible. Enjoy the photo selection below which gives you a glimpse into the lifelong memories the children have formed over the past couple of days.